You have 10 good reasons to get hot dip galvanized;

  1. Economical: In many applications the cost of galvanized coating is lower compared to alternative coating methods. Why is it so simple; hot dip galvanizing is a process in which many parts can be covered in large batches, short time, with little labor and low cost.
  2. Long-lasting: Depending on the medium, the hot-dip galvanized coating, which does not require maintenance for about 50 years, provides corrosion protection with an easily cleaned surface. Maintenance time can be done without any complicated preparation / application.
  3. Reliable: General galvanizing is a process that is relatively easy, simple and meticulously followed. Coating thicknesses (weights) can be estimated and easily determined. Hot dip galvanizing provides a reliable corrosion protection, defined in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461, applied in the standard. Expectations for the properties and reliability of hot dip galvanizing have been laid open by standards.
  4. Directional Protection: Protects galvanizing steel in 3 different ways by hot dipping method. The first is that the slow rate of wear gives the coating a long and predictable durability life. Second, the scratches formed on the surface when the material is damaged are covered by the corrosion products formed by the zinc and protected by the cathodic method. Third, when the damaged area is larger, the cathodic protection prevents the rust from spreading around. However, this is not possible in painting.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: Prosthetic materials (acid, etc.) can be recycled. The zinc used in the SDG coating is 100% recyclable, which is why the SDG is completely destroyed in the end of its life. It leaves no residue.
  6. Low cost: Cost-effective formation and long life in the first application makes hot dipped galvanized steel the most versatile and economical way of protecting long term. It does not require maintenance or extends service intervals. Thus, in hard-to-reach areas, in difficult terrain conditions,
    in nearby areas or in energy transmission lines with security restrictions.
  7. Cathodic Protection: Once damage has occurred during transport, installation or service, cathodic protection enters the circuit, forming a protective barrier with electrochemical routes. So even in scraped and scratched places, there is no chance of corrosion.
  8. Time Savings: As an industrial method, hot dip galvanizing is done in a short time and completely independent of climate conditions. Galvanized steel is ready for use. No additional preparation, painting, retouching and control processes are required. Hot galvanized surfaces can be used immediately after application. This speeds up the construction process.
  9. Holistic Coating: Inside, out, hard corners, wide holes, etc. of steel product immersed in melted zinc. all surfaces are covered so that it can not be done with other protection methods. The hot dipped galvanized coating differs from the thinner methods such as scrubbing, spraying and other dip coatings in the most important parts of the material, corners and edges.
  10. Ease in Quality Control: Even our most mothers can control the zinc layers. We are not visually mistaken and mistakes can not be immediately discerned or hidden. If the zinc layer is flat and evenly distributed, it is. Furthermore, compliance with DIN EN ISO 1461 can be easily controlled with the digital coating thickness meter.