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New road map of construction: Reduce carbon, approach innovative, plan your future!

first time in Turkey, Turkey carried out with IMSAD organization SBA Conference series of the Istanbul leg SBE16 Istanbul Conference, the construction was handled in-depth, sustainability and environmental issues, leaflets, sessions, and it was one of the most influential organizations in the participants. The conference added a new dimension to the Series with its unusual organization and content. General Galvanizciler Derneği Secretary General Burcu Akman talked to Konferensta on the importance of hot dipped galvanization for sustainable corrosion protection.

In Turkey, building materials manufacturer of scientists, practitioners and architects to contractors, academics, government agencies and NGOs up to society, assign the construction industry and all stakeholders of environment a new ground by bringing together the SBE16 Istanbul Conference, October 15, Saturday ended with made the closing speech . The conference lasted for 3 days with the theme “Smart Metropolises – Sustainable and Smart Buildings and Integrated Solutions for Smart Cities”. Many countries and was held 30 sessions during the conference where 40 papers were presented and 113 invited speakers from Turkey. Many topics such as smart city, intelligent building, intelligent material, intelligent transportation, ecological sensitivity, qualified workers, import and export, urban texture, resource efficiency, performance indicators and social, cultural and financial approaches have been put into the conference.

Fethi Hing: “It was one of the most successful conference” SBE16 Chairman of the Istanbul Conference Board IMSAD Referring to Turkey’s success F. Hing Conquest, “was one of the most successful work I’ve ever seen. As we have always said in the Turkish construction sector, we are working not only on building materials but also on the quality of the building and on the quality of life of our people. For this reason, the SBE16 Istanbul Conference was the most successful and effective work in the last years. Our whole aim is to planners from production all the layers of construction materials, architects, engineers, practitioners, contractors, universities and a discussion on how to better feedback from the current situation of the school of a Turkey structure that brings together such as public and create the idea of ​​the development environment. With these studies we reached this goal to a certain extent. I hope Turkey’s efforts IMSAD sample is taken and this type of conference events is increased, “he said.

Nils Larsson: “SBE16 Istanbul Expects Our Expectations” Nils Larsson, Director of the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment (SBE), commented on the Istanbul footprint of the Sustainable Built Environment Conferences Series as “an out of the ordinary” in terms of research and inquiries. Larsson said, “The speakers, the hundreds of papers presented, the workshop done to the professions participating in all the units of the industry and the results have indeed surpassed our expectation that we have been used to in all the series. The only thing to say about the results of the workshop in particular is the ‘perfect summary’. Our goal is to apply the results outlined by all units of the industry to a road map as a matter of fact. Because you are all one and only. This is the only way to get sustainable results for both your sector and your company and for a healthy life. ”

Galvanizing Environmental Performance Attention

On the first day of the conference, GALDER Secretary General Burcu Akman, who gave a presentation on “Material Production Technics and Technologies” (Material Production Techniques and Technologies), paid attention to the environmental performance of hot dip galvanizing. Referring to the importance of using hot dipped galvanization in his presentation titled “Hot Dip Galvanized: Sustainable Protection for Steel”, Akman explained case studies and the necessity of galvanizing in sustainable construction with sample projects.



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