GALDER organized a special Hot-dip Galvanizing Seminar for Turkish Electricity Distribution Corporation A.Ş. (TEDAŞ) and Turkish Electricity Transmission  Corporation (TEİAŞ) on 10th May, in Ankara. After the theoretical

Alper Akçam

training, a facility tour was given at Başöz Enerji company. 

45 people attended to the seminar which was held in the Marmara 2 saloon at The Ankara Hotel.

After the opening, Burcu Akman, Secretary General  of GALDER, gave information about the association and Turkish Galvanizing Industry.  GALDER Board Member Bünyamin Halaç’s speech followed Akman’s presentation. Halaç gave general information on Hot-dip Galvanizing Industry, its advantages and usage areas. He also showed some sample projects by galvanized coating. After Bünyamin Halaç’s presentation a coffee break was given for 15 minutes.

The second half of the theoretical training started with presentation by Alper  Akçam, Member of Board, GALDER.  Akçam told about technical properties of galvanized coating and galvanizing process. Then, he gave detailed information inspection and repair of galvanized coating, by showing samples. Akçam also answered questions from attendees.   

Theoretical training ended by 1 pm and the lunch was served at the Ankara Hotel. After de lunch, attendees got on the bus to go to the Başöz Enerji’s facility at Temelli.

Nail Başöz, General Manager of Başöz Enerji, welcomed the participants. Attendees were divided in to 2 groups. First they watched the corporate and industrial presentation film of the company. Then they took the tour in the manufacturing and galvanizing sections, guided by company representatives. Theoretical training practically reinforced.  Burcu Akman thanked behalf of GALDER, to all participants and said that they would be glad to help attendees about any subject regarding to hot-dip galvanizing industry.