The cult event of Turkish Constructional Steelwork Association, TUCSA, met all groups of industry players. 18th Constructional Steelwork Day was held on 26th October at İstanbul Mariotte Hotel. GALDER took place at the traditional event of Structural Steel Industry for the first time and gave a speech on hot-dip galvanizing applications for structural steel. 

Yener Gür’eş – TUCSA Başkanı

As always, 18th Constructional Steelwork Day started with moment of silent for Atatürk and founders of Republic and national anthem. Then, H. Yener Gür’eş, President, TUCSA, gave the opening speech.  Gür’eş summarized the activities of TUCSA which celebrates 25th anniversary and gave information on the statistics of the industry, mentioning its vision and problems and told about projects developed by Turkish Constructional Steelwork Association. 

Namık Ekinci, President, Steel Exporters’ Association, made a speech after H. Yener Gür’eş and he shared information about export power of structural steel industry, including material and production phases.   

Morning section of the 18th Structural Steel Day continued with panel discussion. Mesut Özdöl, SteelORBIS, moderated the panel on “How and Reasons of Steel Structures”.  Alparslan Güre, General Manager, Tekfen Engineering; Bülent Atamer, Deputy Secretary General, Turkish Contractors Association, and Selçuk Özdil, Founding Member, TUCSA, joined to the panel and put a wide interpretation on all developments regarding to steelwork area in Turkey.   

Within the context of “Problems of the Industry and Innovations” event, which held in 2 halls in the and Bünyamin Halaç, Board Member, GALDER gave a presentation on “Hot Dip Galvanizing Applications on Structural Steel: Advantages and Design Principles”.  

At the first part of the afternoon section of The Constructional Steelwork Day, recent steel projects were introduced by their architects and engineers.

SteelPRO 2017 Colloquium

14th SteelPRO 2017 Colloquium, Constructional Steelwork Design Students Competition, was held by Turkish Constructional Steelwork Association at Constructional Steelwork Day. All competitors introduced their projects, ask questions and got answers for them in the colloquium. Attendies had opportunity to talk about constructional steelwork competition projects with Nevzat Sayın, President, SteelPRO 2017, and Dr. Selçuk İz. Furthermore, they found the possibility to listen comments of Yaşar Marulyalı, who has been taking part at jury of the competition for many years, and Professor Nesrin Yardımcı on constructional steelwork students’ contests.  Doğan Tekeli, who is one of the doyen architects of Turkey, joined to the colloquium later and he informed attendees about the contests which organized when he was a student.  

TUCSA Indusrial Awards 2017 Ceremony

As it is done every year, TUCSA Yener Gür’eş presented the TUCSA  Industrial Awards Ceremony in a harmony.  The first group of awards was given to TUCSA members who completed 10th year in membership.

14th Constructional Steelwork Project Students’ Awards, which is organized to ensure constructional steelwork consciousness and experience for architecture and engineering students, were given at 18th Constructional Steelwork Day. Owner of the 5 award winning projects at SteelPRO 2017, took their awards from Nevzat Sayın President, SteelPRO 2017,and Professor Nesrin Yardımcı, Former President, TUCSA. 

This year, Story Awards were given for the first time within the TUCSA Industrial Awards. In the scope of the 25th Anniversary celebrations of the association, the TUCSA Story Awards was organized by “City” theme. Writers of 3 stories, which were selected by the jury, took their awards at 18th Constructional Steelwork Day.

SteelORBIS was awarded by “Industry Contributors” award and Doğan Tekeli, doyen of architecture community, was awarded by “Honor Award”

18th Constructional Steelwork Day closed with the Constructional Steelwork Cocktail and it is announced that 19th Constructional Steelwork Day will be held on 8th November, 2018.