6th International Steel Industry and Production Technologies Congress was held in Istanbul. At the Conference which is organized by IMC Organizasyon, the importance of corrosion protection of steel by hot dip galvanized coating was emphasized.

Conference was held on 9th May at The Istanbul Marriott Hotel Asia and actors of the steel industry show great interest to the event. Dr. Veysel Yayan, Advisor, Science, Technology Industry and Technology Ministry, opened the conference and he highlighted the importance of “domestic and national transformation in the industry”.

Burcu Akman, Secretary General, GALDER, gave a speech on “Importance of Hot Dip Galvanizing in Struggle with Corrosion” and underlined the cost of corrosion. She explained, with case studies, the advantages which would be gained to national economy, by using environment friendly HDG coating. Akman underscored the necessity of HDG coating in struggle with corrosion, in order to protect nature, natural resources and economy, and to create a trustable built environment.